Dinanholidaycottages.co.uk- Problems - Warning!

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My partner and I and 2 childred rented a cottage from these people in August 2011. (Anne Welby). The wifi did not work and the pool was unsafe to use. We advised them but they did not fix it before our departure.

To top it all they accused us of leaving the place dirty and damaging the shower and bath (Not true it was like that when we arrived) and deducted £60 from our deposit.

No discussion nor did they provide recompense for the lack of the pool (our reason for choosing the cottage & the lack of WIfi which meant extra costs for us).

Not nice people to do business with. Suggest they are avoided.



Just an update. Our complaint was not resolved and they unjustly deducted £60 from our deposit.

So maintain that they should be avoided.

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